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Why 3D printable props?


Did players at your table ever have problems with fully getting involved in the session? Physical props will engage the sense of sight, touch, hearing and sometimes even smell!


Slain the dragon and all you got was some XP? Not anymore! Wear your magic ring or brandish that wand whenever possible to remind everyone of your epic achievements!


Need a virtually infinite supply of gifts for your geeky friends? We got you covered, with hundreds of items worthy of display!

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What’s in this month’s bundle?


  • Dark Elven Crown
  • Elven Arrowhead
  • Elven Bow
  • Elven Cloak Clasp
  • Elven Glaive
  • Elven Harp
  • Elven Ring
  • Elvenstar Pendant
  • Light of the Stars Vial
  • Throwback - Elven Coin
  • Throwback - Elven Earring
  • Throwback - Elven Tiara
  • Serpent Dragon Amulet – Fumizuki – Bush Clover Shard – July (6/12)
  • Print-Friendly 5e Item Cards

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Items available in the Welcome Pack:

  • Amulet of the Elder Elk
  • Bone Devils Mandible
  • Drone Familiar
  • Figurine of Wondrous Power - Jasper Fox
  • Gear Coins
  • Knuckle Dusters
  • Perun's Ball
  • Potion of Barkskin
  • Signet of the Spider Queen
  • Wand of Speed

Magic and utility items come with a DnD item card!

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Each month, you receive a part of the Serpent Dragon Amulet. Collect them all to build the complete artifact with all the powers of the shards combined!

They've been there, printed that and shared their opinions about our models!

Selection of everlasting waterskins turned into potion bottles for larp. Sprayed with citadel grey seer as a base, painted the leather bits with snakebite leather, paint with agrax earth shade, highlight the loops with brass. I then put wax on the cap to cover the hole in the cap from printing.
- Gordon

Totally wearing this to the Ren Faire!

- Jeremy Cooney
Here's my Monkey Paw! I magnetized the fingers for use in our home game 🙂
Love this prop, mainly because of how functional the prop is.
- Big Jacko Lil Minis

Loved this design the moment I saw it, had a blast painting it. Printed with an fdm printer, and the eye glows in the dark, of course!

- Alaura Morris

This is a great model, here is my take on it.

- TimTheGr8

Great STL Files, always on time, accessible at any time via discord and a mega service!!! So it must be!

- Lars Schneider

I am a GM and a 3d print fanatic. I love the props these guys make and adding them to my game makes finding making items a lot more exciting for my players.

- Diona de Jager

The people at Props and beyond are not only talented designers but also awesome to work with. I'm a proud merchant in their groups and can attest to the great quality and awesome customer service they provide. Big thumbs up on my part.

- Lorenzo Asselman


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