Hey there! We just wanted to take a moment to say how impressed we are with the outstanding work you’ve been sharing on social media lately. It’s truly stunning! 🥰

Check out some of our favorites shared on our Discord channel:

👉 First pic shows the Shoulder-mounted Parrot from January 2024 Prop Drop ‘Corsair’s Heist’ painted by Hollowknight the Artificer. We love the eye-catching color palette! The parrot’s adorable appearance makes it an excellent companion to have while sailing the high seas. Great work! 🤩

🦜 Shoulder-mounted Parrot: https://propsandbeyond.com/shop/shoulder-mounted-parrot/

👉The Sextant that you can see next was painted by Sasa. The Sextant is so finely painted that it appears to be made from a combination of wood and metal! ✨ The prop is also a part of the ‘Corsair’s Heist’ collection. 

🌊 Sextant: https://propsandbeyond.com/shop/sextant/ 

👉 The next one is the Snake Potion painted by Team’s Doom. We love how it turned out – so realistic and elegant! 😍 Would you dare to taste this potion? If yes, check out August 2023 Prop Drop – ‘Alchemist’s Repository’!

🐍 Snake Potion: https://propsandbeyond.com/shop/snake-potion/

👉 Last but not least, another potion – the Mushroom Juice from November 2023 Prop Drop – ‘Woods at Dusk’. This prop, which was painted by the talented DM_Dango, looks so realistic! The lower part of the prop is particularly impressive! 🌲

🍄 Mushroom Juice: https://propsandbeyond.com/shop/mushroom-juice/

Keep up the awesome work guys, and thank you for being a part of our community! We love to see your work, and we’re thrilled that our models are part of your adventures! 💜

Are you working on some props right now? Don’t be shy and share your work with us! You can do it here or on our Discord channel: 


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