📣Abyssal Artifacts are coming soon!

Back the campaign and print forbidden relics… If you dare.


Welcome to the pre-launch of the Abyssal Artifacts crowdfunding campaign! 🤩

Abyssal Artifacts will feature over 40 STLs of real size, printable 3D items, including 5 puzzles of varied complexity that are perfect for D&D games, LARPs, cosplays and more. With the upcoming Halloween spooky season, Abyssal Artifacts will be a perfect match for every roleplay tabletop games enthusiast.

The Abyssal Artifacts will be released as a separate MMF FronTiers Campaign. Thanks to this all supporters will get instant downloads from MyMiniFactory, and will be able to start printing right away (files will be sent out after the Early Bird 48 hour period). STLs will also come with 5e compatible item cards.

Subscribers of Props&Beyond will receive a 20% discount for all Tiers, including the Early Bird tier.

More info coming soon!

And as for now, we invite you to redeem the free STL of Ceremonial Dagger, crafted by skilled artisans who until this day are haunted by the horrors they saw one stormy night… Are you ready to fight aberrations and uncover the nightmarish truth, Seeker? 🐙


September Sneak Peek!

Hi there! I hope you enjoyed this month’s models!

As August is coming to an end, it’s time to announce what will be part of September’s bundle.

The next Prop Drop will contain:

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Loot Spotlight – Chomping Amulet

The Alchemist knows that some things need to be hidden in a good spot. And what can be better than the Chomping Amulet? 🦷

The real name of this magical item is “Amulet of Protection of Valuables” but it does not reflect its true nature.

This amulet was created from the fangs of young dragons, whose teeth are known for their strong, poisonous properties. Anyone who dares to touch the contents of the Amulet can say goodbye to their fingers… And to their lives because the fangs will quickly poison the thief’s entire body.

Despite this, many try to outsmart the Amulet. After all, the object it guards must be extremely valuable…

What would you hide in the Chomping Amulet? 🐲 Ring? Necklace? Or maybe something completely different? 💎

Print and paint by Hollowknight The Artificer over at our Discord: https://discord.gg/rXPsxGSeFJ

Loot Spotlight – Mirroring Dagger

Let’s see what you can loot from the Alchemist’s Repository… 👀🔮

The mysterious Mirroring Dagger is a unique and enigmatic artifact. At first glance, it appears to be an exquisite, finely forged weapon. But not be fooled – this is not an ordinary dagger.

Some believe it belonged to an ancient sorcerer. Others say that this is a relic from another world… Only one thing is certain. If you use it to harm another creature you will suffer the same wound.

So when holding it… Choose wisely.

Would you dare to use the Mirroring Dagger? 😳 And if yes… On who? 😱

Present for The Printing Goes Ever On’s Birthday!

The Printing Goes Ever On, the tabletop miniatures and terrain part of our Studio, is celebrating its 3rd birthday this month!

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To celebrate, we’ve got some awesome goodies prepared for this month:

1️⃣ Chapter 37 – Sands of the East – Vol. 2, with an amazing set of monsters, minis and terrain and of course our Welcome Trove for newcomers.

2️⃣ A whopping 60% storewide discount, instead of the usual 40%. Best chance to get them Chapter bundles for cheap! Code found here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/minus-60-epic-87080601

3️⃣ All Patrons get 3 FREE CUSTOMIZER EXPORTS from each Faction! Just open our web app: https://www.theprintinggoeseveron.com/customizer/ and click the LOGIN WITH PATREON button. If you don’t own a bundle, you will see the available free downloads. Note: mini or pre-supported bits export counts as 1 export, so choose wisely!

4️⃣ If you missed Chapter 36, it’s available for about $12 (vs the retail $65) just in August. This way you can easily complete the Easterners collection. Find the discount code in Welcome Notes after joining.

5️⃣ To keep the “three” theme, we’re letting go the extra 3 months for each 9 month or longer Patrons, so you get the 12 month Longstay Gift – the Mighty Dragon before you hit the one year mark.

Props&Beyond members are also getting a freebie, the Adobe residence building, printable without supports!

It’s been added to your P&B Library under the August 2023 Prop Drop downloads:


Adobe residence. Stable construction with thick walls. This house appears to be similar to many others in the Empire, but it is different. Lights sparkle through the vibrant stained glass windows every night, and laughter fills the rooms. On chilly nights, the terrace is packed with people dressed in colorful clothes. The property is owned by Razim, a musician who entertains his visitors almost every day. Everyone admires him for his cheerfulness and good attitude, but they are unaware that he is keeping an ulterior motive for these parties.

Razim worked as a snake charmer as a boy and one day met the future Emperor. The royal youngster was taken aback by Razim’s directness and honesty, so when he became Emperor, he invited Razim to the palace as a musician. Razim has proven throughout the years that he can be trusted, so when suspicious things began to happen in the Empire, he was ordered to gather information from citizens.

Razim bought the property in the city center from an elderly man who needed money to pay off his loans. To the old man’s surprise, he permitted him to stay. Very thankful, he told Razim that the house once belonged to the man who created the cult ‘The Serpent’s Blessing’ and showed him the secret cellar. Inside, Razim discovered antique artifacts, buried writings, and predictions that terrified him… He decided to keep an eye on the Serpents.

Razim, with his royal contacts and money, turned the house into an unofficial entertainment center where people from all over the Empire wanted to hang out. Treating them with the best wine, Razim learned more and more about things that were happening in the streets. But it all came down to the cult.

Twenty years later, the Emperor’s daughter, Samara, came to Razim’s house asking about the Serpent’s High Priest. Razim quickly realized that Samara was working against the cult. He determined that she and her companions would meet at his house, where they could make their plans in safety. Amidst the bustle of talk and music, no one suspected a thing.

As a result, this ordinary mansion became the most significant building in the entire Empire.

August Sneak Peek!

July is soon over, so time to see what’s up next month!

Pics courtesy of Diona, our awesome Ambassador 💜

The next Prop Drop will contain:

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July Sneak Peek!

Hi there! I hope you enjoyed this month’s models!

As June is coming to an end, it’s time to announce what will be part of July’s bundle.

This time, it’s a themed bundle with the keyword: Fairytales!

The next Prop Drop will contain:

🏰 Just launched – Ivory City! Early Bird tiers available for 48 hours 🐦

The Ivory City campaign is live!
Print the huge Ivory City and host epic battles, city adventures or simply paint it as an epic display piece.
If you use the code:
You will get a 20% Discount on all the pledges (including the Early Bird ones).
Don’t miss the Early Bird pricing for the first 48 hours.

June 2023 Sneak Peek!

Hi there! I hope you enjoyed this month’s models. As May is coming to an end, it’s time to announce what will be part of June’s bundle.

June’s Prop Drop will contain:

May 2023 Sneak Peek!

Hey there!

Next month, at Props&Beyond you will receive:

April 2023 Prop Drop sneak peek!

Hi there! Next month we’re travelling to Mesoamerica, with a set of props in the theme of the Aztecs, Maya and Inca!

Next month’s Prop Drop will contain:

Coming on the 2nd of April 😊

March 2023 Prop Drop sneak peek!

Hi there! February’s end took us by surprise, so without further ado, the sneak peek!

Next month’s Prop Drop will contain: