September 2023 Prop Drop – Sorceress’ Boudoir


Printable with: FDM, Resin


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All magic and utility items contain 5e item card.


You are looking for someone who can cast a powerful spell and manage to find a Sorceress. She invites you to her home as she needs to prepare. When she disappears in her chambers, you can’t help but look inside her boudoir. You enter a world of wonder and mystery the moment you pass through the exquisite doorway.

A carved wooden table in one corner reveals a collection of potion vials. You see one called Potion of Climbing and the other one described with words that make your heart skip a beat – it is the Essence of Immortality! You look further and your gaze lands upon the magnificent Crown of Domination. You gasp, seeing a reflection in a mirror. It’s a terrifying Skull of Eldritch Mind Eater.

A massive bookshelf stretches towards the ceiling. You approach it and open one of the books, just to discover a Mystery Key hidden inside. Then you head towards the back of a tiny room. You notice an intriguing Heron’s Melody Staff and a dust-covered Hat of Wizardry. You feel a burning desire to touch it, but you hear a voice calling out your name.

You leave the boudoir thinking about all of the mysteries that are just waiting to be discovered…


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