Winters Tales - Interview With AJ Winters on Creating an Inclusive DnD Show

This time I’ll start from obviousness - as women we aren't a minority at all. We state more or less 50% of different groups, definitely of different societies. Why then this fact still doesn't have a reflection in fantasy and tabletop hobbies? During the DnD is a Woman campaign I've read through multiple comments. Almost each and every one of them mentioned a women’s rocky start to the hobby. The long roads that they usually had to build with their very own hands and creativity to eventually be able to play a session. Sometimes it was about being excluded by a male party directly. Other times, they were unable to find clothed miniatures, in other than surrender poses. They were browsing for hours to find genuine female miniatures. Why do we have to trail blaze our way to the hobby? Even though we're smart, strong, and diligent enough to do it, I dream about a world where we wouldn't be forced, prompted, or expected to do so.

I’ve decided to start a series of interviews with enterprising women in our hobby. With brave daredevils, leaders, brilliant DMs, and adventurers in tabletop gaming. As the first interlocutor, I invited AJ Winters, an Australian writer, actor, and awesome storyteller who creates magical worlds for a living. We’ve discussed her start in the hobby, the problems that she encountered at the beginning of her DM adventures, and the newest project that she’s working on - an Australian D&D series starting on Twitch on the 2nd of August. Let’s dive in to know her point of view!

By Emilia Kharie Popiela

AJ Winters is an Australian writer, actor, and awesome storyteller.

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Kharie: Let's start from the very beginning. How did you get into the RPG world? What were your first experiences with both playing and DMing?

AJ Winters: When I was 16, my Mum and I tagged along to my Dad’s work trip to New York and upon arriving at the hotel, booked by his company, we walked straight into Dexcon 15. It was like walking into Narnia; fauns, fairies, fantasy creatures galore. My Dad may not have been happy, but it was 16-year-old me’s absolute dream! Seeing the smile on my face, they bought me a ticket and I spent the entire weekend role-playing and playing my first ever D&D game.

Kharie: Oh my, I can imagine it was an awesome experience, this first encounter!

AJ Winters: When I got back to Australia I tried to drag others into a game, but it wasn’t until University that I was able to find friends with enough passion as me to start a campaign. I have always been a writer, and so when I learned I could also roleplay in these worlds I was creating, it lit a fire within me.

Kharie: Could you say something more about your first campaigns in Australia?

AJ Winters: My first campaign actually started as a leaving party for one of my friends. I decided to host a One-Shot for him, and built an entire evening out of it with potions that the players had to drink and riddles to solve. We had the best time laughing and role-playing with each other; so much so that we tried to turn it into an international online campaign. Unfortunately, it didn’t last past 2 or 3 sessions, but that became the motivating force behind turning my passion into a stream show. 

The Chronicles of Aelwyn is a live RPG series that starts on the 2nd of August at 8 pm AWST and continues every Tuesday!

Kharie: In what circumstances you became a DM? Did you feel like a precursor as a female? Or maybe it used to be a common experience in your social bubble?

AJ Winters: With my background in film and theatre, I could see how this “hobby” of mine could turn into a fully immersive role-playing live show. So I joined some online groups via Facebook and discord and started a video call with some females who were passionate about RPGs, to ask them what they’d like to see in the TTRPG space online. They were 100% behind me using my production company to build a female lead TTRPG stream company and future campaign. But my first goal was to make a reputation in the community as a player and DM before launching my channel. So I spent 2 years playing in other online stream shows, and even guest DMing 2 seasons of a homebrew campaign. When I saw how receptive people were to my style of playing and my world-building, I knew it was time to hit the ground running with my own content creation.

K: So in your case, a hobby was unfolding gradually into something bigger. It's interesting how you felt at the very beginning that it's something for you and that you've consciously decided to get better at it, to gain some skill, having already a bigger picture and plan sketch in your head!

AJ Winters: I really wanted to make an inclusive space and channel with a female DM at the helm. Unfortunately, I had a few people who tried to convince me I’d do better on their channels instead of starting my own. However, this was balanced by many people voicing how much they believed in my dream, and how excited they were to see what I could do.

Kharie: Have you ever experienced any kind of exclusion due to your gender or beliefs that you had to overcome or find another way to take part in any event or activity?

AJ Winters: I have been incredibly fortunate to not run into any exclusion, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t present in the TTRPG space. I have made every effort to foster a community with inclusion and creativity at the heart, especially being a female and a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. When I started this endeavor, I laid down a significant demand of no harassment, no disrespect, and no exclusivity. This is a space for everyone and creativity comes in all shapes and sizes; so why not showcase what those who haven’t seen the spotlight yet, can do. 

Kharie: Is this a common thing in your area to be a female DM?

AJ Winters: Unfortunately, I have not run across many female DMs in the streaming space, especially from Australia. It’s definitely still a male dominant space, but the female and non-binary DMs are starting to come to the forefront and that is absolutely incredible to see.

Kharie: I agree! I think it would be awesome to see more females in the hobby! Could you say something more about making the gaming space more inclusive?

AJ Winters: 100%. When I was casting the upcoming D&D campaign for Winters Tales, I wanted to find players and performers from different backgrounds to help tell unique perspectives and stories. Inclusivity is about providing a safe space for everyone; allowing people to be heard and seen. And so I have encouraged each of my players to show themselves how they’d like to be seen so that the viewers can feel represented by them. To see someone in a show that they feel a connection to, to feel as though someone like them can be at the forefront of this hobby and content creation; was important to me. 

Kharie: Do you have any tools, techniques, or kind of approach you apply as a DM to make people feel more comfortable, seen, and respected?

AJ Winters: As a DM I focused on adding safety tools to my games, to foster open communication between my players and myself, and include all pronouns in my introductions to NPCs. I strive to create a realistic world where characters that my players interact with are real and complex, so including non-gender conforming people into my stories was also crucial. I do checklists with my players before games about what they are comfortable with, topics they want to avoid, and what they’d like to see within the game or the world we’re playing in. My players for this upcoming campaign are absolutely amazing and agree wholeheartedly about inclusivity and representation. Stories are never just told from one perspective, so why would we limit ourselves in our own storytelling?

Kharie: I totally agree and that's, I believe, a huge advantage of inviting representatives of different minorities to the show - the different points of view. While I can understand that there is something tempting in sticking around our own perspective as it's a well-known land that we know how to work with, lacking of different insights, in my opinion, make the whole story less colourful and textured. It makes it somehow flat and unrealistic.Could you tell me something more about the technical details regarding your show? Where we can find you, when, and what is the whole thing about?

AJ Winters: On the 2nd of August at 8 pm AWST on we kick off our flagship D&D campaign, set in an entirely homebrew world. We are streaming live from the first D&D studio in Australia with a female DM, a diverse cast, and a unique plot; with the 6 characters waking up in the first episode without any memories. This means the players don’t even know who they are playing; not the race, the class, or any part of their backstory - not even their name. The campaign is all about identity as the characters have to unravel the mystery of their situation whilst finding out who they are. We are excited to bring you this new story, and especially proud of how unique will believe it will be.

Kharie: I keep my fingers crossed for the project! Could you say a few words about what inspired you to create it, to make the Winters Tale project real?

AJ Winters: I adore storytelling. TTRPGs gave me the chance to tell stories with others; to combine my love of writing, world-building, and performing into one incredible experience. My inspiration for this particular show was to create a fully immersive story for the players and the audience. The set is tangible with Props and Puzzles for the players to interact with, the plot line of memory loss pushes the cast members to experience D&D like never before, and the SFX we’re planning will give some visual immersion to top it all off. I live by the quote “you don’t know how far you can fly until you spread your wings,” and this project was just that; I am aiming to soar. I have gathered my experience in theatre and film and brought it together for the production, the set design, and the storytelling medium that is live theatre. I knew that if I wanted to try and make this dream a reality, I needed to put in 110% to make it happen. That was my inspiration.

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Kharie: I like that quote. And also, regarding the wing’s spreading - what are your current aims and plans connected to the project?

AJ Winters: The Australian TTRPG community is incredible and I want to be able to show off what Australia can do! Right now, there are no D&D streams from studios like Critical Role or Dimension20 coming out of Australia. It would be an absolute dream to build and run a production company in Western Australia where multiple TTRPG streams can have sets and streams running, to show what Australia is truly capable of. So instead of just wishing it would happen, I am striving to make it a reality - one step at a time.

Kharie: Awesome! I wish your dreams will come true and I'm happy that the Australian TTRPG scene gains this show thanks to you!

AJ Winters: Thank you, I appreciate that so much! At the end of the day, we are all still fighting for equality. This show may just be a small part, but I am so proud of my team for being a positive step in the right direction. We will not stop fighting, for all.

Kharie: We won’t! Thanks a lot for your time and support!

May Painting Contest - Results Announcement

This month’s contest for painting your favorite prop has finally been judged! It was amazing to see which props grabbed your attention and watch them come to life under your brushes! The discussion was heated, but, in the end, our jury chose the winners!

May's Contest Winners Are:

In 3rd Place

Dragon Tooth Dagger by Andy Fundinger

An awesome shot of a skilfully painted dagger and its author! Andy gets the prize of $20 voucher for our Digital Store and a Free Prop-Drop Subscription!

In 2nd Place

Wondrous Marble Elephant by Miguel PalauGalarza

Miguel has put a lot of work into preparing this beautiful item, and we appreciate the real marble final outcome! You win a 50$ PICK3D Token, a 20$ voucher for our Digital Store, and a Free Prop-Drop Subscription. Congratulations!

In 1st Place

Helm of the Wind Rider by Jessica Henry

With the hair attached to the helmet looked like the real ones, and an amazing paintjob, this helmet wins the grand prize! Congratulations, Jessica! Please, contact us to claim the prize of $100 PICK3D Token and a Free Prop-Drop Subscription!

How to claim the prizes?

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April Painting Contest - Results Announcement

Thank you to all the participants of the April's edition of Props&Beyond painting contest! This month the entry was free for all our props. Are you curious who won this time and what are the entries? Let's jump right to that!

April Contest Entries

In 3rd Place

Chimera Claw by Turtnerd

That bone's color is simply perfect! We love the weary parts and scratches. Great job! You receive a 20$ voucher for our Digital Store and a Free Prop-Drop Subscription!

In 2nd Place

The Chest Mimic by Jackson Price-Maxwell

We'd be able to recognize remarkable Jackson's style on another planet, really! It's awesome, the colors are brave and distinguish. I love the slimy strings on the lids! You win a 50$ PICK3D Token, a 20$ voucher for our Digital Store, and a Free Prop-Drop Subscription. Congratulations!

In 1st Place

Staff of the Python by Saar Oostveen

We love the effect of old gold that you've managed to get on this staff. The smooth, skillful color transitions and patina turned out just perfect! It's an awesome painting piece! Congratulations Saar! You win a 100$ PICK3D Token and a Free Prop-Drop Subscription!

How to claim the prizes?

The winners need to write to or contact us through our Social Media to agree on the PICK3D token prize that is connected to the 3D printing field. The prize value should be equal to the voucher’s (with shipping cost included!). It won't be possible to get the voucher's value in cash. The winner shall message us and agree on the prize within 30 days from the date of the contest's settlement. Otherwise, the prize will lapse!

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March Painting Contest - Results Announcement

This time the painting contest was special because of its theme - the contest gates were open only for the entries referring to Legendary Creatures! You've all done a great job choosing, there weren't many concerns on the route, and eventually, we've received many entries to assess. Thank you for all your works and for joining the contest this month. Hope to see your all in the upcoming editions. Now read on and know the winners!

Check out some of the entries first!

In 3rd Place

Figurine of the Dephts by Diona

We appreciate this properly gloomy, watery paint job! The figurine looks like it's just jumped off the water which thoughtfully states a background of the pic! Great job Diona! You win 20$ voucher for our Digital Store and a Free Prop-Drop Subscription.

In 2nd Place

Signet of the Spider Queen by Doomed_Minis

This Spider Queen Signet looks just perfect! We love both, the painting skills and the creative presentation! You win 50$ PICK3D Token, 20$ voucher for our Digital Store, and a Free Prop-Drop Subscription! Congratulations!

In 1st Place

Griffon Head by Lars Schneider

Someone has dropped a beautiful griffon trophy in the forest! The painting is astounding! We love the smooth, smoky beak and penetrating gaze of this one! It's a brilliant piece, congratulations! You win a 100$ PICK3D Token and a Free Prop-Drop Subscription!


How to claim the prizes?

The winners need to write to or contact us through our Social Media to agree on the PICK3D token prize that is connected to the 3D printing field. The prize value should be equal to the voucher’s (with shipping cost included!). It won't be possible to get the voucher's value in cash. The winner shall message us and agree on the prize within 30 days from the date of the contest's settlement. Otherwise, the prize will lapse!

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Dancing With Knives - Interview with Fernando from Santos Knives

This time I invited an incredibly interesting and brave knife designer, Fernando, for a chat. Be prepared, as this is going to be the talk that goes far beyond the knives. You’ll get to know about the tragedy that led to the knowledge. About the roots of Fernando’s passion and resilience. He’ll guide us behind the stage of the knife-designing process explaining what tools he uses in his everyday job. How do the lacking points conjure up the creativity? Why it’s so difficult to become a professional knife models creator and if we can guess the one’s origin based on the knife he/she carries? Welcome to the interview with Fernando, an indispensable hero that stands between the customers and the 3D blacksmiths!

By Emilia Kharie Popiela


Kharie: I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t start with a question that puts everything at the edge of… Knives. What are all the fuss and the best thing about them?

Fernando: The best thing about knives is that they can have an infinite number of designs, while still managing to do the same tasks. It is one of those objects that every civilization created in some sort of convergent evolution. Knives allow its creators to infuse them with their particular culture and history as well as to pass, in a way, the story of their creators. Of where they live and what are their common chores in daily life. Do they live in the jungle or near the beach? You can tell a lot of things of this kind when you see the tools someone uses.

K: Do you have your favourite type of knives? If so - why these?

F: Yes I have two favourite types of knives, both fixed blades. Firstly, the hunting knives, because I consider them very personal possessions. As almost ritual objects, if you wish. They are the conduits between hunter and prey together, and the act of skinning and quartering prey is a moment of introspection, the harvest of life. My second favourite types are the fighting knives because self-defense is one of the main reasons knives were invented apart from hunting. They were thought to protect their owner from a beast or a rival. What amazes me also is that it takes a lot of studies to come up with a design that has just the necessity to be efficient in combat. Handling a fighting knife gives some sense of adventure and in a way connects you with all the past generations that have used these tools to protect them.

K: Are you a hunter yourself? I'm curious if you had attended huntings before you got interested in knives?

F: Yes I'm a hunter and a fisherman myself, I started fishing when I was very young. For some reason, I have always felt attracted to animals. My parents used to hold me while we visited our local lagoon as I got quite excited when I saw fish and they thought I might try to jump and catch them! [laughs] I started fishing with a soda bottle tied with a rope and some bread inside. Later I found out about archery and have hunted a couple of times. Here in Mexico there is a big stigma about hunting and hunters and it’s very expensive as well, you can only do it in high fence private ranches.

The Alchemist Knife designed by Fernando

K: Oh! Then, from my point of view, it looks like the knives were your destiny! In a way, your current life is just a continuation of your childhood hobbies! [laughs] On the other hand, maybe it's not so unusual. I believe as children we all have this intuition about the things that we like. It's great if we're able to recognise and follow it later on!

F: Almost seem like it, right? I used to take out the fine cutlery of my grandmother to go sharpen them on the rocks in the garden! [laughs]

K: [laughs] Yes, I can picture it!

F: My interest in survival was almost always there, my family used to go on weekend excursions to the forest. I would invite my cousins to come and we were playing with sticks and making makeshift spears. The adventure thing came from my mother's side as she is an anthropologist so she knows what it's like being in the wild for long periods.

K: I understand it, as I was living and working in deep mountains myself. I remember that the knives were one of the most important things that we always needed to keep close in case of… Anything, really. Before I started to work there I asked about the essential equipment I need to prepare myself for the job. I got a simple answer: a knife. A good, reliable knife is enough. Do you agree? What makes a knife good and reliable?

F: I would agree that a good knife or a machete is truly invaluable while in the wilderness but there is also a ton of other stuff you need. Simple things like water, fire, shelter are more important. But the most valuable thing out there is knowledge. You can come up with many solutions if you lack some equipment but you are lost if you don't know how to survive. Glad to hear you are an outdoors enthusiast yourself! 

K:  I defo am. I wouldn't survive (even having water, food, and warmth!) locked up.

F: [laughs] I think a knife is reliable as long as it is solidly constructed, no matter which type (hidden tang, partial or full tang) it is. It’s good as long as it can do what it needs to do properly and comfortably!

K: So, now we know that you’ve always been interested in survival and hunting and that it called you. But when your fascination with the knives specifically set off?

F: I started getting interested in knives because of my younger brother. We used to go to shopping malls just so he could look at sporting knives when we were very young. He made my parents buy him quite a good assortment of knives and he still has a good collection. After some time I also got into survival and camping, just like my brother, and thus I started to look at knives. I realised how many different types and designs there were and how much history some knives had. I just got sucked into researching and learning everything I could on the topic. I watched lots and lots of videos before making my first purchases because most of the brands that were interesting to me could only be obtained through international shipping so reviews helped me get a better idea of what to look for in a good knife. My first purchases were these types of blades but as soon as I got them I became very disappointed, as most of them lacked comfortable handles and were too heavy for quick and nimble movements.

K: Yes, I think it’s quite often the case that the lacking prompts us to make something better or in a different way than usual. Did it work like this in your case? Were these missing points made you create your first knife project?

F: Yes, that's when I decided to start designing my own knives. I had no prior experience in drawing so a couple of years went by while I was still trying to improve my drawing skills. Apart from that, I tried to get to know knifemakers who were willing to make my designs. I actually had my first knife done by a local blacksmith. I did give him all the specks it should have but the blade shape was most of his creations. Both of these things, drawing and bringing the projects into life, proved quite challenging as there are basically no resources to learn how to draw knives, and getting the custom designs done is quite expensive. And then, after I got my first knife made, a disaster stroke.

K: A disaster…?

F: I got very sick, so much that I had to stop going to college for a year. Those were hard times when I was bound to the bed. I couldn't leave my home for more than a year and I spent every single day in bed. Luckily I had an iPad with me during this time and as soon as I got a little better I asked for a Notebook and pens, and I started drawing every day. For all days, no joke. I was spending roughly eight hours per day on that notebook. At first, I just put the paper over the iPad screen and copied the designs but as the months went by I started getting a "feel" of the forms, curves, and dimensions of the blades, started venturing again on making sketches of my own. Surprisingly these new drawings were far off from all the previous things I had done, they finally looked good! Once I got better and life began to follow its course again, I hadn’t stopped drawing. I was better and better at it. I hadn’t known any rules when I learned to draw, so as I realised later on, contrary to most knife designers I draw everything freehand, just with a pencil and paper. 

K: I’m… I’m just speechless. Really. I’m so sorry that you had to come through it all. At the same time though, I want to say that the story you've described above is incredible. It takes quite a spirit to don’t collapse when something terrible happens. Moreover, in your case, it wasn’t just about survival (which would be incredible by itself!). You’ve turned the disaster, as you called it, into gold. You not only didn’t give up but also used it to your advantage. Like a superhero, who discovered his superpower while being pushed to his very limits. Thank you for sharing this story with us.

F: Thank you very much for your kind words. I do believe it was a very fortunate thing to have been able to focus on something sort of productive. It helps a lot to have something to vent when you are struggling.

K: Could you say what was next? How does the drawing skill that you’ve honed during this tough period came into selling the knife models?

F: I gifted my first knife to my brother. At the beginning of 2018 I started to do some business selling camping supplies online, mostly knives, folding knives, and crossbows. A bit later I started getting interested in 3D designing and that same year I started working on Fiverr. I had the opportunity of getting some other knives made. One of them turned out pretty good even with the craftmanship limitations it had, and coincidently it was the first design I sold. By 2019 I was already printing stuff and was somewhat proficient in the CAD. I haven't stopped since then. I started learning CAD to come out with my own brand but in the end, it was clients looking for knives who forced me to get better modeling.

K: What is the model you’re particularly proud of and why? Do you have your own brand for your knives projects?

F: My brand is called Santos Knives. I think I am most proud of the first knife I got a manufacturer to make. It was made with two sun knives and I call it “Alchemist”. It’s still available in the market I think.

K: The Hunting Knife you've made for the December Prop-Drop release is awesome! I appreciate its solid, wild look and the fact that even after a first glimpse my first thought is “I bet it fits well in hand”! [laughs] Could you say something about this model’s “making of” process?

F: I have like 600 different drawings already, so sometimes I just remember something I have already drawn, something that seems like it would fit, and just make the necessary adjustments. That was the case with the hunting knife but I was drawing Rambo style Bowies at the time I came up with that! I have the original drawings lying around but it was only the blade and half the handle so I finished it with a pommel that fitted the overall look. I was asked to do something with fantasy style so it seemed alright to use some Indian/ Arab fullers and grinds on the blade.

Hunting Knife designed by Fernando

K: Also, I saw the models you’ve made for the Dagger Customizer! Now everyone can create the knife they like setting the parts of your designs together! Is this the first project of this kind that you were working on?

F: Yes! I loved the project as soon as I got to know the details of it and I hope everybody that sees them finds at least a thing or two that they like. It was very exciting to see the customizable app all put together, you guys made awesome work! I have been a fan of videogames, movies, and overall fantasy-inspired weapons for as long as I can remember but I have noted over and over again that most of the time the knives used prioritize looks over function and some of the blades are terribly unrealistic. So I set myself to come up with designs that could have some fantasy elements to them but still would be feasible for real use. The most challenging aspect was to make everything fit together while still looking good. Some of the blades are bigger and wider so it was a process of trial and error. I as well tried to make some of the designs with varying degrees of ornamentation and fantasy elements. Overall I tried to stay a little bit conservative with the designs, especially with the blades.


K: I have one last question! What’s the most important thing when it comes to the knife’s design?

F: The most important thing while designing is to know what purpose the knife is gonna serve, that's the main thing, the rest is just creativity which of course has a lot to do with prior designs you have seen and like but occasionally something just comes out almost on its own. Maybe a twisted line on the other side of the paper matches unexpectedly or a bad stroke with the pencil just happens to look good.

K: How did Bob Ross put it? ‘We don’t make mistakes. We have happy accidents!’

F: Exactly! Once you have figured out the flow knives have you can let yourself experiment. I do look a lot to historical knives and swords to get inspired and I'm almost certain I know all the models being currently manufactured by the biggest brands.

K: Thanks a lot for the interview, Fernando! I’m honoured that I’ve met you and that you decided to share your story with us!

F: Thank you very much for the interview, I really appreciate this. Whatever you guys need just let me know, love to work with you!

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Contest Entry Pic: A Quick Tutorial

As monthly contests take place on our Socia Media, here is a quick tutorial on taking the pics. It will help you make your entry masterpiece more visible and easier to assess! Here come a few tips on what to do to make it look better and match the contest rules. Are you ready? Let's dive in!

Rule 1: Leave the Basement

It’s important for the pic to be taken in daylight. This way it looks best so take the entry prop for a little walk and shed some real light on it!

Rule 2: Make Your Prop a Star

Other items and creative background can make a part of your entry pic but it’s crucial to let your prop play a leading role.

Rule 3: Make It Big

We need to see your paint job in full glory, so we won’t accept entries with a shorter edge

less than 1080px.

Rule 4: Choose Your Weapon

Remember that we can’t assess the things that we can’t see clearly so choose the device with possibly the best resolution!

Rule 5: Don’t Pump It Up (too much)

The entry pics can be color corrected, contrast and white balance can be fixed, i.e. standard photograph post-processing. However, photo manipulation, digital picture mashups or drastic changes are not allowed.

We’ll message you if we think it’s too much.

Rule 6: Keep Your Heads Up

We will message you asking for taking a few additional pics in case of assessment struggles. In such case, you have 24h to send us another one/s!

Aaand that's it! Good luck! Don't hesitate and message us in case of any struggles!

February Painting Contest - Results Announcement

Thank you all so much for taking part in our February contest! We're so happy to see such an amount of your entries! It was a really hard nut to crack selecting the winners but, eventually, we’ve managed! Who's won and how to collect the prize? Read on to find out!

Check out some of the amazing entries!

In 3rd Place

Poket Watch Puzzle by Daniel Steele

Daniel wins a PICK3D Token worth $50! Your prop is awesome!

In 2nd Place

Amulet of the Viper by Zach Parsons

Zach wins a PICK3D Token worth $100! Good job!

In 1st Place

Monkey Paw by Jackson Price-Maxwell

Jackson wins a PICK3D Token worth $150! Congratulations!

How to claim the prizes?

The winners need to write to or contact us through our Social Media to agree on the PICK3D token prize that is connected to the 3D printing field. The prize value should be equal to the voucher’s (with shipping cost included!). It won't be possible to get the voucher's value in cash. The winner shall message us and agree on the prize within 30 days from the date of the contest's settlement. Otherwise, the prize will lapse!

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How to Add the Prop-Drop Files from MMF to P&B Library?

Now it's possible and you're only a few little steps away of it! How? Just follow the instruction!

Adding your Prop-Drop files into Props&Beyond Library:

  1. Go into your Tribes Library.
  2. Find the full Prop Drop object (e.g. January 2022 Prop Drop).
  3. In the downloads within the object, find the ZIP, called "Redeem your files on Props&Beyond - January" (month name depends on the Prop Drop you're redeeming).
  4. Download the ZIP and open the PDF inside.
  5. Follow PDF manual.
  6. Repeat the procedure for each of your purchased Prop-Drop bundles.


You have two weeks to add the files this way (from 27/02/2022-13/03/2022). If you won't manage to do it during this time or will read this post too late - please, contact us so we could help you with the procedure.

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Redeem Puzzles and Props Kickstarter Files! Step-By-Step Tutorial

If you are a Puzzles and Props Kickstarter backer and would like to add STL files from this project to your library on our website - this tutorial is a must! Let's dive in without further ado!

How to redeem your files?

1b. Click the "View Pledge" button on your account

1c. Scroll down the information table and find your Backer Number, Pledge Name/Tier

2. Go back to the Unlock Your Files tab. Make sure you are logged in.
IMPORTANT: You won't be able to redeem your Kickstarter files if you don't have an account on You can create it here:

3. Input the data you found on Kickstarter, including your Kickstarter email.

4. Click Submit and wait for the website to process your request.

5. If all goes well, you will get redirected to your library. This might take a while, as there will be MANY items waiting there.

6. If you encounter an error, please double check you didn't input some wrong values and please check your Kickstarter email address. If you cannot redeem your files, please send us an email at: with your Kickstarter email address, backer number, and pledge tier.

7. What about the Monster Trophies add-on? If you selected the Add-On on Kickstarter, it will automatically be added to your library as well!

In case of any additional questions you can also contact us through Discord!

February Painting Contest - Rules for Participation

In February we conduct another painting contest in our Social Media! How can you join, what are the prizes and why you don't want to miss the chance to get it? You'll find out in a moment!

What? When? Where?

The February contest lasts until the 28th of February and takes place on our Social Media. You can share your entry below this post:

...or publish the pics of it on our Instagram tagged as #pnbfebruarycomp

The contest is all about painting. You just need to paint one of our props that have been released so far!

A human that shows entering the painting contests can actually be THAT easy, with one gesture.

Step by step instruction

1. Choose ONE of the Props from the whole Props&Beyond collection and paint it. If you’re not our subscriber yet, all models are available at the following link:

2. Share its pic below THIS post: or IG tagged as #pnbfebruarycomp

3. Wait for the results announcement.

4. If you’re one of the winners, message us at or through our Social Media to settle the prize that equals the value of the winning coupon!

Et voilà!


1st Place: 150$ PICK3D Token

2nd Place: 100$ PICK3D Token

3rd Place: 50$

Figurine of Wondrous Power Cat painted by one of the previous edition contestants.
One of the previous edition entries - a Figurine of Wondrous Power painted by Cass Harper

What's the PICK3D TOKEN and how to claim the prize?

What’s unusual about this event is that as a winner you won’t simply get a predetermined prize - you choose it yourself! The whole prize pool dedicated to a place can be spent on whatever you’d like that’s connected to 3D printing. Forget about prizes you don’t really need, about resin while you need filament or the STL models you don’t like. This time THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

You can choose the prizes from ANY 3D printing-related, REGISTERED store that allows us to place an order for you and send it to you. For instance, we can't order models from websites where files can be delivered only directly to your account.

The winners need to write to e-mail or contact us through our Social Media to agree on the specific prize that is connected to the 3D printing field. The prize value should be equal to the voucher’s (with the shipping cost included!). It is not possible to get the voucher value in cash. The winner shall agree on the prize within 30 days from the date of the contest’s settlement. Otherwise, the prize will lapse.

Detailed Facebook Contest Terms

1. The February Painting Contest is open to everyone above 18 years old.

2. By submitting your entry, you fully agree to the terms of the contest.

3. Entries will be accepted from post publication time until February 28th 11:59 PM (GMT). The most recent comment edit will be chosen at that time, if any occur.

4. You submit a contest entry by publishing a comment under the contest post or through IG tagged as #pnbfebruarycomp

5. The winning entry will be decided by a jury, consisting of Props&Beyond creators (including a pro miniature painter!).

6. The prize for the best three entries will be the vouchers - $150 for 1st place, $100 for 2nd place, and $50 for 3rd place. The winners need to write to e-mail or contact us through our Social Media to agree on the specific prize that are connected to the 3D printing field. The prize value should be equal to the voucher’s (with the shipping cost included!). It is not possible to get the voucher value in cash.

7. The winner shall agree on the prize within 30 days from the date of the contest’s settlement. Otherwise, the prize will lapse.

8. Winner will be notified in a reply under their contest entry comment and/or via private message.

9. By submitting an entry, you give us the right to use your model pics afterward.

10. By entering this contest, you agree to a complete release of Facebook from any or all liability in connection with this contest.

11. The contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Facebook

Good luck and remember that...

January Painting Contest Announcement of Results

Welcome to the January Painting Contest Results Announcement! The second edition of Props&Beyond painting contest enjoyed great popularity among the subscribers. We really appreciate that! Thank you for all your brilliant works and for keeping the bar very high! It was a pleasure to see and welcome each one of your entries! Who gets a PICK3D Token this time, and how to claim the prizes? You'll find all the answers in the post!

Check out some of the entries!

In 3rd Place

Scroll Case by Mike Ambler

We appreciate the very well-understood and highly rendered material of that prop. Thanks a lot for this skillfully painted entry, Mike! You receive a $50 PICK3D Token!

In 2nd Place

Voodoo Doll by Paul Verd

I don't know when to start with that one! Definitely somewhere between a faultlessly painted, looking-good-dead finger (or a... foot-ger rather?) and the bloodstains adding a bit of the horror vibes! It came up just perfect! Congratulations Paul! Your prize is a $100 PICK3D Token!

In 1st Place

Hand of the Archlich by Jackson Price-Maxwell

That piece is just breathtaking! We love the shiny effect and the detailed, yellow-ish eye. With those darkened nails, pieces of barked flesh on the bottom... It states a perfect Archlich hand! Congratulations on winning, Jackson, and thanks for joining with such a masterpiece! You win a $150 PICK3D Token!


How to claim the prizes?

The winners need to write to e-mail or contact us through our Social Media to agree on the PICK3D token prize that is connected to the 3D printing field. The prize value should be equal to the voucher’s (with shipping cost included!). It won't be possible to get the voucher's value in cash. The winner shall message us and agree on the prize within 30 days from the date of the contest's settlement. Otherwise, the prize will lapse!

Stay up to date with our painting contests and other amazing events! Don't miss a chance to join and get the amazing prizes!

Prop-Drop Subscription System

How to Claim a Free Bundle of 3d Printable Props

This February we set off with a brand new subscription system to make our community members' lives easier! It's a piece of improvements we're going to apply on our website shortly. Why it's a great idea to subscribe today? How to do it and what's a step-by-step subscription process? Is it true that the February bundle is up to grabs for free and why is the answer "YES"? How to enter the Pyramid avoiding stepping in the Pharaoh's Curse? Bear with us and you'll get the answers!

What do you gain subscribing through our website?

You can benefit from it in many ways! Firstly, subscribing through our website in February, you're getting a trial Prop-Drop bundle completely for free, so you can check how cool our 3d printable props are and test it to decide if you'd like to stay with us for longer! It's not a fraud nor a type of deal that forces you to stick with us for the following few months. We're perfectly aware of the fact that sometimes it's much more convenient to try first instead of buying a cat in a sack, and that's mainly why we've prepared such an offer.

Meme with Toy Story and freebies everywhere connected to the free bundle of 3d printable props for DnD

For now, there're two ways of subscription - the monthly and annual one. The latter is much more cost-effective as you save on two additional months paying annually so we encourage you to go with that one!

Another advantage of subscribing with us is having access to the automatic library, so there's no need to remember about your monthly files download! Once they land on your account - they stay there forever so you can come back and download it anytime. In case of any struggles on the way, you don't need to spend hours waiting for the customer service response. Our troubleshooting is super-fast and effective and we address all issues in no time.

Moreover, there are some special discounts dedicated to all of the subscribers that are built up in our shop so you don't need to remember about it. No more coupons and discount codes! Just log in to your account and start the shopping!

List of Perks for the subscription system.
Monthly events, step-by-step painting tutorials, DnD 5e item cards, impact on prop choice.

Step-By-Step Subscription Process

1. Click the following link that enables you to subscribe:

2. Pick your subscription option. You can choose between the annual subscription (this way you save on 2 MONTHS!) or the monthly one. Click the green “JOIN” button.

Meme on the guy unsure if he should shoose monthly or annual subscription

3. Now you need to register so we could send files to your private account!

4. Proceed to check out. Choose a payment option. With a card, you get the February bundle for free. With PayPal there’s a $0.01 fee (connected to PayPal restrictions - for now, they have no Free Trial option available).

5. Click the “Sign up now” button, the yellow PayPal button, or the black one for a card, and proceed with the payment.

Hooray, you’re subscribed!

Into the Pyramid - A Free February Bundle

Only in February, subscribing through our website you can get a whole, free bundle full of Props connected to Ancient Egypt! No worries though if you're not so much into the main theme - there're also props from other fields!

Prop-Drop February Bundle that consists of 3d printable props you can use playind dnd sessions: 3d weapon, 3d jewellery, hairpins and many others


▪️ Amulet of the Viper▪️ Anubis' Dagger▪️ Beads of Nutrition▪️ Comb of Water Beast▪️ Eye of Darkness and Light▪️ Hairpin of Dawn▪️ Heartbreaker▪️ Jar of Soul Catching▪️ Necklace of False Land▪️ Scarab Pendant▪️ Staff of Osiris▪️ Birdcaller (Sci-Fi Blaster!) ▪️

Any doubts?

Don't hesitate and message us in case of any struggles, questions, or thoughts that pop out while you're up to subscribe! You can do it:

Have a happy printing!