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Prepare thyselves for our newest steampunk crowdfunding project – Mystic Machinery – featuring over 30 FDM supportless or resin pre-supported STLs (including puzzles and 5e cards)! Unleash the adventurer within and discover our meticulously crafted steampunk wonders!

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Launching March 2024!

Come join fellow pioneers from the steam age and stay updated:

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Mystic Machinery has a lot of meticulously crafted jewelry pieces that pay homage to the glorious steampunk era. Whether you're looking for brooches, bracelets, marvelous rings, or a phonograph earring, you'll find it all here. We also have a perfect piece for fine gentlemen - an elegant and posh pipe that will make even the most boring suit look magnificent!


If you're looking for a weapon that's fueled with the power of steam, then the steampunk blade will be your next favorite weapon. It's elegant, sharp, whirring, and deadly. If you prefer to act from the shadows and avoid unnecessary attention, we have something for you - a beautiful raven cane with a hidden pistol, a marriage of artistry and engineering!

Alchemical Wonders

If you're interested in transmutation, science, and crystals, then you'll love our alchemical wonders! With a flick of a switch, you can watch as the elixir bubbles and fumes, creating new, innovative potions.
So don your top hats and corsets, click the link below, and get notified on launch!

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