Real-size 3D Printable Tabletop Items for Roleplay Games

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What's available on the Kickstarter?

Browse below to see examples of 3D printable props and puzzles from the upcoming campaign!


Wow your tabletop group with those intricate beauties. The rings serve as great high-value loot or quest rewards. They can also be used for LARP events.

Scaling table included, so you can print them at a chosen size!


Who doesn't love a good "elephant in a bag" ace up your sleeve! Even better if you can remember about having it in your equipment, when it stands bravely next to your statblock.

They print without the need for supports on both FDM and resin printers.


Show your allegiance to a faction, your status or remember your characters background with an heirloom. The amulets, alongside rings, make great rewards and could be used for LARP events.

Final Stretch Goals will include a 3D customizer to mix and match parts for your own amulet designs!


Keep your character's most valuable possessions or present a mysterious MacGuffin using compelling boxes, orbs and other containers.

They print without the need for supports and are generally intended for FDM printing due to their size.


Great treat for a Bard or a mysterious artifact, like the Shawm of Snake Control or Ocarina of T...emporal Shift!

P.S. They are not playable. This is a deliberate choice, for reasons ranging from health safety of printing materials to prevention of turning the Game Master's life into hell through the party's bard, treating everyone with their tunes on a shawm.


The crown jewel in Puzzles and Props Kickstarter. Puzzles without a physical representation can turn into a disaster during a session. With physical ones, the number of options is constrained, thus creating a much better experience for players and Game Masters.

They could also be used at LARP events to hold important plot-related objects or as a safeguard measure.


We've designed many items loved (or hated) by players around the world. Some may look just as you imagined, while others have a twist. Luckily, all will have a handy card with important stats and description!

Items will be prepared for FDM and resin printing.


Sometimes filling out a treasure bag with coins and gems is exactly what your session needs. Or maybe you like to use coins for small in-game purchases characters make, like booking a room in an tavern or ordering a meal. This boosts player engagement by a mile!

We will provide tutorials how to get cool looking gems and other items with your household printer.
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