✨💀 March Prop-Drop Sneak Peek – Plague of Shadows! 💀✨

Check out the sneak peek of March Prop Drop – ‘Plague of Shadows’ and prepare for your next city-break adventure! 🤩 Take a selfie with the disappointed Gargoyle, run away from the angry Goosdra, cast some deadly spells with the Wand of Black Death, and grab the Rat on a Stick from a nearby stall (in the times of the plague it is what it is…). 

The March Prop-Drop will contain:

🐀 Disappointed Gargoyle

🐀 Gargoyle’s Vambrace

🐀 Goosdra Figurine

🐀 Lightning bolt – Spell Effect

🐀 Ornate Potion

🐀 Rat on a Stick

🐀 Repeater Crossbow

🐀 Ring of Rat King Dominion

🐀 Wand of Black Death

🐀 Amulet of the Bird – Throwback Model

🐀 Talisman of the Sphere – Throwback Model 

PS. The last moment to get the February Prop-Drop bundle is NOW! Grab all of the ‘Mythical Hunt’ loot while there’s still time! 💜


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