This month you need to pick a side – will you be a devil rinding a highway to Hell, or an angel sitting on a stairway to Heaven? We can’t decide, but we asked the Pick of Fate, and it knows the answer – the only way to save the world this Halloween is through the power of rock ‘n’ roll! 😎

October’s Prop Drop will contain:

  • Tablet of Order
  • Gaping Maw – Demon Ring
  • Angel’s Halo
  • Pick of Fate
  • Elysian Valor – Angel Sword
  • Mikael’s Trumpet of Celestial Harmony
  • Frightful Guard – Demon Helmet
  • Ritual Blade
  • Duality – Soul Coin
  • Demon’s Horns – Wearable
  • Spine Whip
  • Vial of Demon Blood
  • Angelic Bracers
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