April 2024 Prop Drop – Marvels of the Deep

Deep inside the ancient mountains, the dwarves work hard in their mines to find precious treasures hidden deep within the earth. You are about to begin your adventure – you put on a shiny golden helmet, take a lantern, and grab a pipe filled with fragrant leaves to set off into the tunnels. While you’re there, you think about the fun you’ll have with your friends later, drinking ale and telling stories. After a while, you find a cavern filled with rock salt where you oversee the mining process, already dreaming of the money you’ll make selling it in the markets above. But suddenly, something terrible happens – the ground shakes and rocks start falling from the ceiling. You try to escape, but a wall of debris blocks your way. Your lantern shatters, leaving you in the pitch-black darkness of the mine…

Become a Member in April and collect the April 2024 Prop Drop and our Welcome Pack!


April Prop Drop contains:

  • Archstone
  • Crown of the Deep
  • Dwarven Abacus
  • Dwarven Beard Comb
  • Dwarven Belt Buckle
  • Dwarven Gauntlet
  • Dwarven Helmet
  • Dwarven Gemstone Signet Ring
  • Dwarven Smoking Pipe
  • Dwarven Tankard
  • Mining Lantern
  • Rock Salt
  • Amulet of the Old Scripture – Throwback Model
  • Dwarven Coin – Throwback Model
  • Dwarven Key – Throwback Model
  • Serpent Dragon Amulet – Uzuki – Wisteria Shard – April (3/12)
  • Print Friendly Item Cards
  • 40% discount code for previous releases (applies automatically after joining the Tribe)

✨ As always, magic and utility items come with a 5e item cards. Remember that every Prop-Drop subscriber enjoys a 40% discount on other items in our store!

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The Welcome Pack contains:

  • Amulet of the Elder Elk
  • Bone Devils Mandible
  • Drone Familiar
  • Figurine of Wondrous Power – Jasper Fox
  • Gear Coins
  • Knuckle Dusters
  • Peruns Ball
  • Potion of Barkskin
  • Signet of the Spider Queen
  • Wand of Speed

Magic and utility items come with a DnD item card!

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