Loot Spotlight – Chomping Amulet

The Alchemist knows that some things need to be hidden in a good spot. And what can be better than the Chomping Amulet? 🦷

The real name of this magical item is “Amulet of Protection of Valuables” but it does not reflect its true nature.

This amulet was created from the fangs of young dragons, whose teeth are known for their strong, poisonous properties. Anyone who dares to touch the contents of the Amulet can say goodbye to their fingers… And to their lives because the fangs will quickly poison the thief’s entire body.

Despite this, many try to outsmart the Amulet. After all, the object it guards must be extremely valuable…

What would you hide in the Chomping Amulet? 🐲 Ring? Necklace? Or maybe something completely different? 💎

Print and paint by Hollowknight The Artificer over at our Discord: https://discord.gg/rXPsxGSeFJ

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