March 2024 Prop Drop – Plague of Shadows

“A prosperous city was struck by a mysterious plague, which shrouded the once-lively streets in darkness.

Houses were plundered by swarms of rats, and even the Gargoyles turned a blind eye to the horrors happening beneath them. The king summoned the three best mages to find a solution, but each of them recommended a different way.

One suggested healing the sick with a mysterious Ornate Potion, another killing all shadows with the mythical Wand of Black Death, and the third summoning the legendary Goosdra, said to terrify even the death itself.

Will they be able to find a solution that will save the city and its inhabitants from this mysterious plague, or will they succumb to the darkness that has enveloped them? The choice is yours to make!”

So… How will it be? 🤩 Will you defeat the Plague or maybe just chill out amid chaos and grab the Rat on a Stick like it’s a holiday time? Let us now in the comments!

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March Prop Drop contains:

  • Disappointed Gargoyle
  • Gargoyle’s Vambrace
  • Goosdra Figurine
  • Lightning Bolt – Spell Effect
  • Elixir of Healing
  • Rat on a Stick
  • Repeater Crossbow
  • Ring of Rat King Dominion
  • Wand of Black Death
  • Amulet of the Bird – Throwback Model
  • Talisman of the Sphere – Throwback Model
  • Serpent Dragon Amulet – Yayoi – Cherry Blossom Shard (2/12)
  • Print Friendly Item Cards
  • 40% discount code for previous releases (applies automatically after joining the Tribe)

✨ As always, magic and utility items come with a 5e item cards. Remember that every Prop-Drop subscriber enjoys a 40% discount on other items in our store!

How do you like this month’s theme? 🤩

The Welcome Pack contains:

  • Amulet of the Elder Elk
  • Bone Devils Mandible
  • Drone Familiar
  • Figurine of Wondrous Power – Jasper Fox
  • Gear Coins
  • Knuckle Dusters
  • Peruns Ball
  • Potion of Barkskin
  • Signet of the Spider Queen
  • Wand of Speed

Magic and utility items come with a DnD item card!

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