It’s time for a preview of February Prop-Drop! This time, a monster hunter has gathered a collection of magical objects just for you! ✨ 🤩Check out the list below to see exactly how much incredible stuff is waiting!

February’s Prop-Drop will contain:
🐲 Magical Creature Enclosure – Red Dragon
🐲 Succubus’ Handcuffs of the Dashing Rogue
🐲 Canopy Jar – Hathor
🐲 Construct’s Heart
🐲 Fireball – Spell Effect
🐲 Teddy Bear – Mimic
🐲 Ball of Monster Catching
🐲 Throwback: Red Dragon Egg – Monster Trophy
🐲 Throwback: Dart of Restraint

PS. The last moment to get the January Prop-Drop bundle is NOW! Print all the props from Corsair’s Heist while there’s still time! 🦜 🌴

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