Amulet of Marine Reign

Author: Arturo Arellano Miniatures
Materials covered: , ,

Start priming with white. I used Scale 75 primer with airbrush. You want to avoid black for this one because black will kill the luminosity of a color like blue and in the end it will feel dull and grey.

Scale 75 - White Primer

I started with the base colors. I used Olive Green from Vallejo mixed with Black Green. I wetblended it and kept the lighter color in the “face” area.

Vallejo - Olive Green
Vallejo - Black Green

I kept adding lighter colors to the face. I added Sunny Skintone to the eyes and face area.

Vallejo - Sunny Skintone

Did a wash over all the piece. Athonian Camoshade for the lower areas and a warmer color like Serpahim Sepia for the head.

Citadel - Athonian Camoshade
Citadel - Shade - Seraphim Sepia

At this stage I randomly stippled green and ochre colors to bring some kind of stony texture and make some organic noise. I just used a sponge like those from the blisters dipped in paint and then wiped off a little bit to remove excess paint and add colors where it feels right. Then add colors where it felt right.

Vallejo - Yellow Ochre
Vallejo - Olive Green
Vallejo - Green Sky
Sponge used for application of the noise texture.

I painted the eyes in Mephiston Red and sprayed with the airbrush a very thin coat of contrast Blood Angels Red around those eyes to simulate a glowing/fleshy effect.

Citadel - Air - Mephiston Red
Citadel - Contrast - Blood Angels Red

At this point I defined the eyes more by highlighting the eyelids with red and blacklining with ink the inside of the eyes and deep recesses.

Scale 75 - Inktensity - Red
Scale 75 - Inktensity - Black

I then painted the inner part of the tentacle with Violet Red from Vallejo.

Vallejo - Violet Red

Keep layering lighter reds to the eyes if you want roundiness, but take into account most will be lost after the gloss varnish.

I highlighted the tentacles, adding German Orange to the mix and used a high quality varnish with gloss finish to cover the eyes and the inner part of the tentacles. I used Marabu but any good varnish will work.

Vallejo - German Orange
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