Efreeti Bottle

Author: Arturo Arellano Miniatures
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I started with a black primer from Scale 75.

Scale 75 - Black Primer

After the primer is dry I sprayed with airbrush Brass from Model Air for the main body and Copper from Model Air for the cap.

Vallejo - Model Air - Brass
Vallejo - Model Air - Copper

Once the metals were dry I painted the small red gems of the cap with Crimson from Vallejo and the pearly beads of the bottle with Old Rose drawing thin lines of white.

Vallejo - Crimson
Vallejo - Old Rose

Also I highlighted the edges of the metals and washed them down with warm washes such a Reikland or Seraphim from Games Workshop.

Citadel - Shade - Seraphim Sepia
Citadel - Shade - Reikland Fleshshade

Once everything is finished carefully apply gloss varnish to the gems and the pearls of the body.

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