Elven Phial

Author: Arturo Arellano Miniatures
Materials covered: , , , ,

Start priming with white. I used Scale 75 primer with airbrush. You want to avoid black for this one because black will kill the luminosity of a color like blue and in the end it will feel dull and grey.

Scale 75 – White Primer

To start creating the glowing effect, use very thin layers of light blue and work towards the top with a darker blue. For this step I used a mix of inks (for their transparency) from Scale 75. I mixed Blue, Cyan and White. After that keep using more and more blue to build the dark color.You don’t want to lose the white, that’s why it’s important to work with transparent layers.

Scale 75 – Inktense – Blue
Scale 75 – Inktense – Cyan
Scale 75 – Inktense – White

Use pure Blue for the top. If you want, you can mix a little bit of some other tone to add variation. Airbrush white again on the lower half to bring back the brightness and galze over it with the original light mix to color it. Do this as many times as you want.

Scale 75 – Inktense – Blue
Scale 75 – Inktense – White

For the cap I used German Orange, Royal Purple and white from Vallejo and blended them together. For the top of the neck of the bottle I glazed the purple to fake the inner part of the cap.

Vallejo – German Orange
Vallejo – Royal Purple
Vallejo – White

After that I basecoated the metals with Speed Metal and Dwarven Gold from Scale 75. For the silver parts I mixed a little bit of blue ink to start creating the illusion of innter glow.

Scale 75 – Dwarven Gold
Scale 75 – Speed Metal
Scale 75 – Inktense – Blue

Highlight the metals and blackline them. For the highlights I used a lighter metal color with a little bit of white and blue inks. For the gold just paint a little bit of silver over it.

For the blacklining I used very dark blue inks.

Scale 75 – Speed Metal
Scale 75 – White Metal
Scale 75 – Inktense – Blue

At this point you want to start galzing blues over the metallic parts to fake the glow effect. Keep doing this until you are satisfied. Very thin and very transparent layers is key here. At this point, less is usually more.

At this point you can edge highlight to finish the metals and add small reflections with the lightest metal color you have. Metallic Medium from Vallejo works very well for this. Another option is using you base with a little bit of pure white and add touches here and there.

After everything is well dry put a nice coat of gloss varnish over the glass parts and the cap. Iused Klarlack from Marabu, but any quality varnish will work here.

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