Potion of Flight

Author: Arturo Arellano Miniatures
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White prime the bottle body and black prime the cap. I used Scale 75 primers for this.

Scale 75 – Black Primer
Scale 75 – White Primer

For the glass bottle I blended all the way from a very dark blue to almost pure white. I started using Cobalt Blue from Scale 75 mixed with a little bit of black and purple and I started adding more blue, turqoise and white until I reached the almost white color.

Scale 75 – Cobalt Blue

You want to use turqoise so the white doesn’t desaturate too much – if you only add white you will have a very pale and desaturated blue in the brightest areas.

Highlight all the edges with white.


After everything is dry I washed with a thinned blue ink from Scale 75 to give everything included the white edges a blueish look and to gain saturation.

Scale 75 – Inktense – Blue

The gold is Dwarven Gold from Scale 75 washed down with Seraphim Sepia and the silver is Speed Metal from Scale 75 washed with Nuln Oil. After everything is dry I used a glossy varnish over the bottle body.

Scale 75 – Dwarven Gold
Citadel – Shade – Seraphim Sepia
Scale 75 – Speed Metal
Citadel – Shade – Nuln Oil
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