Potion of Mind Reading

Author: Arturo Arellano Miniatures
Materials covered: , , ,

Start with priming with black primer. I used Scale 75 black primer with airbrush, but use whatever you have as it’s not important for this piece.

Scale 75 – Black Primer

For the upper half of the potion I used XV88 from Games Workshop mixed with a little bit of copper from Model Air to give it a slightly reflective surface and some kind of metallic noise to it. For this step I used my airbrush for speed, but it’s not needed.

Citadel – Base -XV88
Vallejo – Model Air – Copper

After the upper section was well dry I masked the upper section so I could airbursh the lower section. For this step I mixed Chocolate Brown from Vallejo, also mixed with a little bit of Copper from Model Air. If you are not using an aribrush you don’t need to mask it.

Vallejo – Chocolate Brown
Vallejo – Model Air – Copper

When it’s dry, carefully remove the masking tape (if you used it) and paint the brain element using any highly reflective metallic paint. I used Speed Metal from Scale 75.

Scale 75 – Speed Metal

For the handles, the neck ring and the rivets I went for Dwarven Gold from Scale 75. At this point you can also blackline the separation between the upper and lower section with any dark paint with high fluidity. I used Inktense Black from Scale 75 for this step

Scale 75 – Dwarven Gold
Scale 75 – Inktense – Black

When everything is dry add highlights to the golden parts and edge highlight all the areas on the handles and the rivets. For this I just mixed Speed Metal from Scale 75 with Dwarven Gold from Scale 75.

Scale 75 – Dwarven Gold
Scale 75 – Speed Metal

To add depth and saturation wash the golden areas with a reddish brown wash. I used Seraphim Sepia from GW

Citadel – Shade – Seraphim Sepia

Start applying coats of Volupous Pink from GW to the brain. Use as many as you need to get good coverage.

Citadel – Contrast – Voluptuous Pink

After everything is done you just need to apply gloss varnish to the brain. I used Klarlack from Marabú. Almost any gloss varnish will do, but depending on the brand you will have to go heavier with the coats.

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