Potion of Strength

Author: Arturo Arellano Miniatures
Materials covered: , , , ,

Start with a black primer. I used Scale 75 primer for this prop.

Scale 75 – Black Primer

I painted the bottle with Boreal Green from Scale 75.

Scale 75 – Boreal Green

When it’s dry, start stippling randomly to create the effect of moving liquid and bubbles. First with Irati Green, followed by Spring Green both from Scale 75.

Scale 75 – Irati Green
Scale 75 – Spring Green

If it’s not green enough for your taste, you can reinforce the saturation with a thin glaze of Inktense Green from Scale 75 or any other transparent pigment such as Contrast paint from Games Workshop.

Scale 75 – Inktense – Green

Edge highlight everything with a mix of Spring Green and White.

Scale 75 – Spring Green

I painted the cork, basecoating it with Dark Sand from Vallejo, followed by stippling it randomly while wet with English Uniform from Vallejo, and White.

Vallejo – Dark Sand
Vallejo – English Uniform

For the leather I used a base of Chocolate Brown from Vallejo, and mixed Orange Red with Sunny Skin Tone from Vallejo to randomly stipple and create texture.

Vallejo – Chocolate Brown
Vallejo – Orange Red
Vallejo – Sunny Skin Tone

After that I washed it down with Agrax Earthshade from Games Workshop.

Citadel – Shade – Agarax Earthshade

I painted the golden pieces with Dwarven Gold from Scale 75, highlighted with a little bit of Speed Metal and washed it with Seraphim Sepia.

Scale 75 – Dwarven Gold
Scale 75 – Speed Metal
Citadel – Shade – Seraphim Sepia

After everything is dry apply a generous coat of gloss varnish to the glass parts. I used Klarlack from Marabu, but any will do.

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