How to Add the Prop-Drop Files from MMF to P&B Library?

February 27, 2022
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Now it’s possible and you’re only a few little steps away of it! How? Just follow the instruction!

Adding your Prop-Drop files into Props&Beyond Library:

  1. Go into your Tribes Library.
  2. Find the full Prop Drop object (e.g. January 2022 Prop Drop).
  3. In the downloads within the object, find the ZIP, called “Redeem your files on Props&Beyond – January” (month name depends on the Prop Drop you’re redeeming).
  4. Download the ZIP and open the PDF inside.
  5. Follow PDF manual.
  6. Repeat the procedure for each of your purchased Prop-Drop bundles.


You have two weeks to add the files this way (from 27/02/2022-13/03/2022). If you won’t manage to do it during this time or will read this post too late – please, contact us so we could help you with the procedure.

Any struggles on the way?

Don’t hesitate and message us! You can write to us on our Facebook, Instagram or simply drop a question tagging @Kharie on Discord:

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