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February 3, 2022
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How to Claim a Free Bundle of 3d Printable Props

This February we set off with a brand new subscription system to make our community members’ lives easier! It’s a piece of improvements we’re going to apply on our website shortly. Why it’s a great idea to subscribe today? How to do it and what’s a step-by-step subscription process? Is it true that the February bundle is up to grabs for free and why is the answer “YES”? How to enter the Pyramid avoiding stepping in the Pharaoh’s Curse? Bear with us and you’ll get the answers!

What do you gain subscribing through our website?

You can benefit from it in many ways! Firstly, subscribing through our website in February, you’re getting a trial Prop-Drop bundle completely for free, so you can check how cool our 3d printable props are and test it to decide if you’d like to stay with us for longer! It’s not a fraud nor a type of deal that forces you to stick with us for the following few months. We’re perfectly aware of the fact that sometimes it’s much more convenient to try first instead of buying a cat in a sack, and that’s mainly why we’ve prepared such an offer.

Meme with Toy Story and freebies everywhere connected to the free bundle of 3d printable props for DnD

For now, there’re two ways of subscription – the monthly and annual one. The latter is much more cost-effective as you save on two additional months paying annually so we encourage you to go with that one!

Another advantage of subscribing with us is having access to the automatic library, so there’s no need to remember about your monthly files download! Once they land on your account – they stay there forever so you can come back and download it anytime. In case of any struggles on the way, you don’t need to spend hours waiting for the customer service response. Our troubleshooting is super-fast and effective and we address all issues in no time.

Moreover, there are some special discounts dedicated to all of the subscribers that are built up in our shop so you don’t need to remember about it. No more coupons and discount codes! Just log in to your account and start the shopping!

List of Perks for the subscription system.
Monthly events, step-by-step painting tutorials, DnD 5e item cards, impact on prop choice.

Step-By-Step Subscription Process

1. Click the following link that enables you to subscribe:

2. Pick your subscription option. You can choose between the annual subscription (this way you save on 2 MONTHS!) or the monthly one. Click the green “JOIN” button.

Meme on the guy unsure if he should shoose monthly or annual subscription

3. Now you need to register so we could send files to your private account!

4. Proceed to check out. Choose a payment option. With a card, you get the February bundle for free. With PayPal there’s a $0.01 fee (connected to PayPal restrictions – for now, they have no Free Trial option available).

5. Click the “Sign up now” button, the yellow PayPal button, or the black one for a card, and proceed with the payment.

Hooray, you’re subscribed!

Into the Pyramid – A Free February Bundle

Only in February, subscribing through our website you can get a whole, free bundle full of Props connected to Ancient Egypt! No worries though if you’re not so much into the main theme – there’re also props from other fields!

Prop-Drop February Bundle that consists of 3d printable props you can use playind dnd sessions: 3d weapon, 3d jewellery, hairpins and many others


▪️ Amulet of the Viper▪️ Anubis’ Dagger▪️ Beads of Nutrition▪️ Comb of Water Beast▪️ Eye of Darkness and Light▪️ Hairpin of Dawn▪️ Heartbreaker▪️ Jar of Soul Catching▪️ Necklace of False Land▪️ Scarab Pendant▪️ Staff of Osiris▪️ Birdcaller (Sci-Fi Blaster!) ▪️

Any doubts?

Don’t hesitate and message us in case of any struggles, questions, or thoughts that pop out while you’re up to subscribe! You can do it:

Have a happy printing!

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    1. It’s running in parallel, with files in our own library here (it has a search function and filters!) and more options coming soon.
      Files can also be delivered to your Tribes Library of course, but it happens at the end of the month.

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