January 2024 Prop Drop – Corsair’s Heist


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In the moonlit night, the Captain and his crew of corsairs gathered in the hidden cove. The air was thick with anticipation as they plotted their daring heist on the legendary merchant ship. 

Tales had spread far and wide about the ship’s valuable cargo, which included chests filled to the brim with gold, shells containing the best pearls, and jewels that sparkled like stars. Armed with cutlasses, pistols, and hand cannons, the corsairs descended upon the merchant ship, overpowering the startled crew in seconds.

‘Well, it wasn’t that hard!’ – The Captain laughed while opening the treasure chest. But when he looked inside… – ‘Huh? Just… Rum?’

Maybe the stories were just… Stories? Or maybe they attacked the wrong ship…  Nah. Probably not. Anyway, a heist is a heist!

As they sailed back singing and laughing, they saw a mountain rushing in their direction. Oh… It wasn’t a mountain. It was the ship they were looking for…


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