Puzzles and Props – Core Bundle – Late Pledge


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Product contains:

  • Amulet of Open Access
  • Bead of Force
  • Cryptex
  • Dragon Tooth Dagger
  • Emerald of Life
  • Empire Coins
  • Figurine of Wondrous Power – Crystal Cat
  • Figurine of Wondrous Power – Ebony Fly
  • Figurine of Wondrous Power – Obsidian Steed
  • Figurine of Wondrous Power – Onyx Dog
  • Figurine of Wondrous Power – Serpentine Owl
  • Figurine of Wondrous Power – Silver Raven
  • Goggles of Night
  • Immovable Rod
  • Iron Bands of Binding
  • Iron Flask
  • Key of Secrets
  • Key of Time
  • Pan Flute
  • Puzzle – The Ticking Labyrinth
  • Puzzle – Tome of Portals
  • Relay Tokens
  • Ring of Feather Fall
  • Ring of Invisibility
  • Ring of Mind Shielding
  • Ring of Regeneration
  • Ring of Spell Storing
  • Ring of Telekinesis
  • Ring of Water Walking
  • Sapphire of the Storm Lord
  • Scroll Case
  • Wand of Fireballs

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