Serpent Dragon Amulet – Kirasagi – Plum Blossom Shard – February


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    The Serpent Dragon Amulet is made up of twelve parts, and its design is inspired by the traditional Japanese hanafuda. This amulet features a serpent dragon that connects all the parts together into a majestic design that brings good luck and prosperity throughout the year.

    Hanafuda is a set of Japanese playing cards decorated with beautiful illustrations of plants and animals. They were very popular during the Edo period (1603-1867), and each month is represented by a different flower symbol.


    February – Plum Blossom

    Kisaragi: changing clothes month

    February is known as the midwinter season in Japan and is represented by the plum blossom, which symbolizes the arrival of spring. It is a good time to wrap up in warm clothes and wait for spring to come. Plum blossoms are believed to be associated with good fortune and have the power to ward off evil. Hence, they are often planted around spiritual areas like shrines and temples.


    Product contains:

    • Serpent Dragon Amulet – Kirasagi – Plum Blossom Shard 3d printable model
    • 5e compatible item cards

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