Contest Entry Pic: A Quick Tutorial

March 21, 2022
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As monthly contests take place on our Socia Media, here is a quick tutorial on taking the pics. It will help you make your entry masterpiece more visible and easier to assess! Here come a few tips on what to do to make it look better and match the contest rules. Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

Rule 1: Leave the Basement

It’s important for the pic to be taken in daylight. This way it looks best so take the entry prop for a little walk and shed some real light on it!

Rule 2: Make Your Prop a Star

Other items and creative background can make a part of your entry pic but it’s crucial to let your prop play a leading role.

Rule 3: Make It Big

We need to see your paint job in full glory, so we won’t accept entries with a shorter edge

less than 1080px.

Rule 4: Choose Your Weapon

Remember that we can’t assess the things that we can’t see clearly so choose the device with possibly the best resolution!

Rule 5: Don’t Pump It Up (too much)

The entry pics can be color corrected, contrast and white balance can be fixed, i.e. standard photograph post-processing. However, photo manipulation, digital picture mashups or drastic changes are not allowed.

We’ll message you if we think it’s too much.

Rule 6: Keep Your Heads Up

We will message you asking for taking a few additional pics in case of assessment struggles. In such case, you have 24h to send us another one/s!

Aaand that’s it! Good luck! Don’t hesitate and message us in case of any struggles!

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